My Henry Dog

Introducing Henry

Written on 25th May 2010

This gorgeous creature is Henry, he was born in Spain in November 2006.

To be honest at the moment I don't know an awful lot about him as we haven't even met yet. We will be introduced to Henry on Thursday 3rd June and then he will be coming to live with us from 5th June 2010.

Henry spent just over 2 years with his first owners and his brother Hardy. Unfortunately his owners had to return to the UK from Spain and left the two brothers in a rescue centre.

Henry was adopted by a lady 2 weeks before his brother Hardy was adopted by our friends sister. Unfortunately after about a year the lady that had Henry could no longer look after him and decided that he should be re-homed.

Our friends sister had looked after Henry while his owner was on holiday, so it was decided that she would foster Henry until a new owner was found.
We had met Henry's brother before and had always said that if for any reason Henry should become available then we would be very interested. I never thought it would actually happen!

But on 9th April 2010 I was told that Henry was to be ours and have had to endure over 6 weeks of waiting, impatiently I might add! I am so excited, I just hope that Henry will be happy in his new home, his forever home!

Thank you so much to Henry's foster Mum for looking after Henry so well and for all the photo's and information that you have given over the past weeks.