Bugs Bunny

Introducing Bugs Bunny
RIP 13/03/2015

"Bugs" or "Buggy" was born in December 2003. He came to us in January 2004 at 8 weeks old, a very nervous little bunny.

We already had Stu so the first hurdle was the introduction, which because they were both so young, went relatively smoothly. But Stu was definitely the dominant one, being two months older.

Sharing food together is a good way to introduce two bunnies, but in this photo neither of them look that impressed. That didn't take long to change, as it wasn't long before they were snuggling up together.

Bugs began sneezing quite a lot and was a little subdued. After a few trips to the vet and after antibiotics, antihistamine and a lot of TLC it seemed nothing seemed to help. But over time it

Stu & Bugs spent about a year together getting up to all sorts of mischief. It was when our third bunny Spooky arrived in the house that things began to change between Stu and Bugs. There was tension and the occasional fight broke out, although not to violent. And this was before Spooky came in to contact with them.
After all the introductions the only combination possible was Bugs and Spooky together and Stu on his own, as Stu and Spooky had a big fight. Bugs changed a great deal once he lived with Spooky, he has not sneezed at all and is now a very inquisitive, cheeky little boy, who loves to nudge if he is not getting enough attention. Bugs is always interested in something but when he does sit still for 5 minutes, loves having his ears rubbed.

His favourite foods are apple or dried bread, he will thump if I don't give it to him quick enough. Bugs has a favourite place in his cage, especially when Spooky was feeling "dominant", it's a piece of grey pipe known as the "Roger Dodger".

Bugs was poorly for some time, but at 11 years and 3 months he just kept on hanging in there, a real fighter! He was always the bun that was the most poorly (out of my 3 boys) really on and off from the time we got him. So I was amazed when he made it to his 11th birthday back in December 2014, out living my first bunny Stu by 3 and a half years.

Binky free my little angel, I hope you are healthy and happy wherever you are. You will always be loved xxxxxxx