Sunday, 29 July 2018

It is with a very heavy heart....

It has taken me over 5 months to write this post and I'm not doing very well, even now.

We had to say goodbye to our gorgeous little Henry dog back in February. He was 11 years and 3 months old. I miss him so much!!

Every moment of the day was filled with my Henry. Even when we weren't with him we were worrying about him being on his own (which wasn't really very often).

There is so much to miss, now there is no-one to:

bark at the post lady, "hoover" the scraps off the floor, follow me everywhere (including the loo), dribble water across the kitchen floor, jump up at me when it was time for "walkies", run and skid on the tiled floor while chasing "duckie", spend 40 minutes brushing and trimming (only to end up looking the same!), play ball with his Daddy whilst making lots of  howling noises, lay on his back under the desk with his smelly toes in the air, pull me along for 6km on a walk,... the list is endless..

I will miss you and love you always my little monkey. I hope you are running free and sniffing everything. RIP my gorgeous baby boy.